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June 30 Newsletter

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June 9 Newsletter

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June 9 Newsletter

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May 19 Newsletter

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Campaign 2022-04-13

We would like to gain some information from your perspective on the interviews held online at the end of last term with your child's teacher/s.

Below is a link to a survey that will be relevant until Tuesday 26th April at 11am.

Thank you in anticipation of your response.

April 13 Newsletter

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Early Dismissal for the Holidays

Easter and the school holidays begin next Thursday.

We wanted to let you know that this last day is a casual day with a gold coin donation (more information to come).

Studetns will be dismissed at 2:10pm 

Sports Day 2022

Sports Day in this Friday!

The map, timetable / program are included in this eMail.

This year families are invited to join us for Sports Day, following the conditions below:

  • Visitors must remain at least 1.5m from the class and staff during tabloids,
  • Visitors must not attend if unwell, and masks are preferred for those attending.
  • Visitors will not be permitted to enter buildings, gym or the hall.
  • During the sprint and championship events all visitors must view events from outside the cordoned off area.

This is subject to change at any stage.



The R – 7 Team Relay, Sprints Championships and Year 6/7 Tug of War teams have been selected from classes with the view to involving as many students as possible.

During the afternoon events, all students will need to remain in class groups, supervised by thier teacher. All parents and visitors must remain outside the designated cordoned-off areas.



Prepaid sausage orders will be sent to classes for lunch collection.  Your child can collect and bring you yours if you ordered one.

Regular over the counter items will be available from canteen at recess time.  The canteen will be closed at lunch time.  No lunch orders available.

There will be a coffee van.



Frank Smith Park IS the best spot for parking throughout the day.



This year, due to Covid-19, we are asking parents not to support with events. Assistance with packing up and cleaning up at the end of the day will be gratefully accepted.




New Principal

From Richard Costi - Education Director

It is with great delight to announce that Mr Rob Warncken has won the Coromandel Valley Primary School Principal position for the next 5 years and 3 terms.

Rob is currently the Deputy Principal at Craigburn Primary School. While every school is unique there are some real similarities between the two schools and in fact, the communities intersect to some degree.

Rob is also known to Coromandel Valley as he was Assistant Principal from 2008 until 2014 under Chris Bayly. Since that time he has been Deputy and Assistant Principal at Craigburn PS. This experience gives Rob a really strong background and he is well and truly ready to take up a Principalship.  

Further to that, it was the Coromandel Valley Principal position that would be his first choice, so we know he will be fully committed to the school and community. Rob has an excellent record in leading literacy, inquiry, improvement planning, ICT and working the community. Rob is deeply committed to continue the excellent work of the team at Coromandel Valley and the key directions of IB and Cultures of Thinking. Rob will add to the excellent practice in place.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Mike Shaw as Acting principal in term 1 together with Deputy Principal Kat Morgan. Mike and Kat have steered a steady ship and continued  the very good work in what has been a tumultuous term with all the COVID twists and turns. I also take one last opportunity to thank Liz Pelling for her wonderful leadership over the years and she is continuing similar work at Colonel Light Gardens.

So thanks to Mike, Kat, Liz and welcome Rob. 

Thanks also to Sam Neville GC chair, and Juli Bryan teacher, who were part of the selection process.

March 15 Newsletter

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