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COVID-19 update 30/2/20

We would like to thank parents for their response to requests from the school, and Government, particularly in regard to social distancing. Thanks also for providing us information about access to devices and the internet. This will be really helpful as we transition to home learning. We do not have all the answers, but I can assure you that staff are working continuously to develop online learning activities and methods of communication. Thanks for feedback provided, this will definitely help shape learning as we move forward in this partnership.

Social Distancing

We are encouraging parents not to enter school grounds, but understand this needs to be adapted based on the age and needs of children. If you need to get a message to school we encourage you to ring or email the message through, rather than coming into the front office or into classrooms. 


From this afternoon all playgrounds in the school will be closed. As saddening as this is, we must take precautions to protect the safety of our community in line with Government regulations.

Water Bottles

Please make sure your child comes to school each day with a water bottle. This morning I have reminded all students about how to use the water fountain  which is only to fill their bottle. It would really help if it is clearly labelled with name.

Please make wellbeing the first priority for your family. Jenni Forder is available for students who need support and will be available to video chat if necessary on Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Take care

Kind regards,

Liz Pelling

March 26 Newsletter

Click here to view the March 26 Schoolzine eNewsletter!

COVID-19 26/3/20

Further to the most recent communications regarding COVID-19, please find attached a letter signed by the Minister for Education and the Chief Executive.


Today our Minister announced 4 pupil free days before Easter (6, 7, 8 and 9 April) for all of our schools and preschools. This will give schools some time to focus on transitioning to flexible teaching and learning ready for term 2. 

OSHC and vacation care will continue to operate for students who need it during the pupil free days and school holidays.

Please contact Dennis Shanahan if you require this service  Call: 0408 824 686  eMail:

Staff have continued to work incredibly hard to prepare information and activities for families to support home learning. Most of this information has been communicated to families via Seesaw. If you have not checked out the new Department website for Home Learnin support here is the link  Our Learning SA

The site provides learning materials and activities across all learning areas in the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum. Feel free to access this resource, however there is currently no expectation on families to do so.

Kind regards,
Liz Pelling

COVID-19 25/3

Thank you to everyone who has supported social distancing whilst on the school site. Staff are doing their best to keep our children engaged in positive learning respecting  safe distancing.

We have noticed groups of parents congregating and disregarding social distancing guidelines which is concerning for the school community. Parents should only enter the school grounds if absolutely necessary and must adhere to the 1.5m distance from others at all times. Additionally the playgrounds should not be used for social gatherings after school.

The health and safety of our school relies on all families following restrictions put in place by the Federal Government.

We have put the following signs around the school to help remind families.


The Department have provided more hours for afternoon school cleaning.  We now have a day time cleaner for 3 hours which will include a thorough clean of door handles, light switches and handrails, as well as wiping down of surfaces such as meeting room tables, administration areas, and tables in libraries and common areas.
Also after recess and lunch wiping of taps flushers and door handles in toilets.

Resource Centre News

We are so pleased that students are taking the opportunity to increase the amount of books that they are borrowing to ensure they are still continuing to enjoy reading.

We will continue to put out as many e book and read aloud stories that we are aware of, for you to enjoy as well.

People that are keeping their children at home during this period may wish to borrow books. If you would like to send us an email we are more than happy to source these books for you from the library and leave them in the front office, for you to collect.

Please be aware we will do our best to get your child’s book requests (we can also substitute a similar alternative if your book is unavailable) or we can put together a pack of s age/ interests appropriate books for your child to enjoy.

If you are needing to return books that your child has read, please place them in the returns box that you can find in the alcove area outside the front office.

Please contact Clare or myself via email to send book requests for us to organise or if you have any questions.

The library staff at Coromandel Valley Primary

Home Learning

Our staff have continued to work on developing activities to support students working from Home.  In the interim, parents can also access a range of activities on the new Department website Our Learning SA

We will continue to update you all on the latest correspondence and advice as it comes to hand.

Take care

Kind regards

Liz Pelling


COVID-19 update

Please see the latest COVID-19 update sent to all families, 24th March

Home Learning Device survey

We are currently working on home learning options and would like to find out which students will have access to a device at home and for how long each day.

Could you please support us by completing the survey via the link below. It is vital, as we move forward, to collect information so that we can provide learning opportunities for all families.

Kind regards,
Liz Pelling

Home Learning Device survey

We are currently working on home learning options and would like to find out which students will have access to a device at home and for how long each day.

Could you please support us by completing the survey via the link below. It is vital, as we move forward, to collect information so that we can provide learning opportunities for all families.

Kind regards,
Liz Pelling

COVID-19 update

Firstly, I would like to show our appreciation for regularly checking your emails for important information from our school throughout this week. It is reassuring to know that we can reach you daily and as required. 

At this time, it is vital that we have accurate contact information for each family. Please let the office know by calling 82783693 or email if any of your details have changed.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank everyone for their support with minimising your time on our site as we implement social distancing practices. Your support is really appreciated. 

In news from the Department, we have been notified that our cleaners have received additional time to clean our school each night. This time is specifically for cleaning surfaces and door handles and is being paid for by DfE. Today we were also informed that all NAPLAN testing will be cancelled for 2020.

In relation to absences, some families are choosing to keep their children at home due to risks associated with the COVID-19. This is an individual family decision which the school respects. If you choose to keep your child home and haven’t notified the school of this choice, please contact the front office or sms the absence line on 0427016460

Please note however that at this point in time we have been advised by DfE that at this stage there is no expectation that teachers plan and send long term lessons for students who are staying home when schools are not closed and are not in the at risk groups (ie: risk groups are defined as those who have been directly advised by a medical practitioner to stay at home or have a C-19 diagnosis or are required to self-regulate according to government requirements).


If the school is closed as directed by SA Health then students may be given extra "homework" for the period of the closure. In addition, the DfE Learning Improvement Division are working on online resources should schools close for more than one day and a central DfE team is looking at connectivity should we need to go to mass online learning.

Our teachers will be spending time next week looking at how we can better use SeeSaw as a remote online learning platform. If you are not currently using the SeeSaw app can you please contact your child’s classroom teacher to set this up.

We appreciate your understanding and support of our teachers at this time as they are under significant pressure to not only continue to plan and assess for their current classes but to also constantly adapt programs to the rapid set of changes.

I have attached a fact sheet from the Australian Psychological Society outlining tips for coping with coronavirus anxiety that you may be interested in reading. 


Take care.

Kind regards,
Liz Pelling

CONVI19 Update

As the situation in regard to COVID-19 continues to evolve, The Department for Education continues planning and operating in accordance with advice from SA Health to support the safety and wellbeing of staff, students and the broader community.

Please find attached a letter to all families from the Minister for Education and the Chief Executive.


As a precautionary measure as of Monday 23 March, the Department for Education has instructed us to cease after school sport and interschool sports activities. As a result,  all after school hours sports and involvement in SAPSASA events for our children have been canceled for the remainder of this term. This is purely a precautionary measure to protect those most vulnerable in the community.

Movement of families, volunteers and service providers in and out of schools:

In the interests of social distancing, the following will be actioned, effective immediately:

  • Discontinuation of any volunteers in the school
  • No non-DfE service providers on-site
  • Department for Education Service providers only to be able to continue in the school


  • All students must bring a water bottle to school which can be filled as required throughout the day.
  • Lunch orders will be available but the canteen will be closed at recess time

If your contact details have changed recently, please ensure the front office has your updated contact details, including email address and mobile number. This is critical as we may need to contact families at short notice.

Thank you for your ongoing understanding in these unprecedented times.

Take care


Covid-19 update

Further to correspondence from yesterday regarding COVID-19 we have made the following changes to school events;

  • all term 1 SAPSASA hass been cancelled
  • out of school hours sport cricket and basketball has been cancelled
  • 3 way discussions postponed until term 2
  • all excursions 
  • Friday playgroup

Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time